Can I Use Honey As a Yeast Infection Remedy?

Lots of people ask themselves if they can use honey as a yeast infection remedy. First you should know certain facts about yeast infection. The Candida fungus grows all over your body and is part of our normal, healthy body. When a sudden change of its number happens due to a immune imbalance, the yeast infection appears. So, if yeast feeds on sugar how is it possible that honey will alleviate the symptoms and even cure the yeast infection?

The main cause for yeast infections flare-ups are chemical imbalances in the delicate system of bacteria and fungus that live in our bodies. Most of them feed in sugary component, that's why honey doesn't seem to make sense, but it's a different component of natural honey that makes it work against yeast infection, helping with the burning and itching symptoms.

The Rationale Behind It

When the bacterial balance in our skin is attacked so is your pH level. So, the best way to improve the yeast infection condition is to get the pH balance back to normal so the colonies of bacteria cannot reproduce. When treating the yeast infection on skin, honey can help restore the pH level, since honey contains several bacteria that attack the abnormal fungus infection and put the pH levels in a normal number. Anyway, one of the nastiest facts about honey as yeast treatment is that it might be a bit uncomfortable to use, especially on the genital area.

Not only honey helps restore your pH level to normal and effectively attacks the yeast infection bacteria, Candida, but its nectar and natural sugar ingredients moisturize your irritated skin, as well as it alleviates all symptoms of the infection such as itching and burning sensations.

How to use it

At first sight, applying honey to a vaginal yeast infection seems to be anything but clean and easy. The simple thought of using honey as remedy for vaginal yeast puzzles. But actually, it's not that complex as it may seem. Just buy a honey squirt bottle exclusively for treating the vaginal infection. Once in private help yourself and introduce the squirt top part slightly and squeeze the bottle. Let it act for a few minutes and the rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Other places in your body where the yeast infection can appear are under the breast and other skin creases and almost any warm, wet area in your body, such as gums. Applying honey as a yeast infection remedy will also work if you remember to apply a thicker coat for several hours, two or three times a day.

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